A Garden's Winter Wonder

A Garden's Winter Wonder

HeronOne lightroom-1261Winter is a hard time to write about the garden.  Not much going on this month. I thought about detailing how to dig up dahlia tubers or the importance of cleaning up old tomato plants felled by this week’s first frost. But when I grabbed my camera to walk around the garden I walked to the edge of the deck and there sat our old wheelbarrow…  filled exquisitely frozen water. Honestly, who but God could take water and turn it into something so beautiful?

HeronOne lightroom-1269 One tiny leaf, of the hundreds that blew down last night, frozen into place on it’s tiny lake.

Waves of ice must have frozen at varying times to have such a wavy effect.HeronOne lightroom-1267

The rust of the old wheelbarrow went so well with the frozen designs.

HeronOne lightroom-1270

While I did a little magic in Photoshop, it didn’t take much to bring out the color and contrast that were already there….

HeronOne lightroom-1272

It’s amazing how a little bit of water in a rusty old wheelbarrow can become a thing of beauty if…. we just stop to see what’s there.

HeronOne lightroom-1271

HeronOne lightroom-1264So,instead of a spade maybe grab your camera and take your own little
“photo walk” around the garden and see what you can find! There will be plenty of time for digging and planting when the ground thaws a little!