Bachelor Buttons..Old Fashion Charm

Bachelor Buttons..Old Fashion Charm

When I was a little girl I spent summers with my grandmother in Selma, Calif. . Everyday began with sweeping the sidewalks in front of her big old home, followed by hours of moving the hose from one precious flower or tree to the next.

She was always up before daybreak and I remember the sound of her clippers as she dead headed her huge rose garden each morning. I loved that sound….better than any alarm clock. I’ve kept those rusty old clippers over the years and recently my sweet husband figured out how to sharpen and clean them (more on how he did it later!)

After picking a big yellow grapefruit for breakfast, from the tree literally right outside the back porch, I’d hurry out to join her in her garden labors.  Beginning at the age of 3 or so and continuing into my 20’s! Every summer and vacation I couldn’t wait to join in and help.

I guess that’s why I love to tend my garden today.

One of her favorite flowers was the old fashioned Bachelor Button. Though I loved them, I haven’t grown them myself until this year! I wanted red, white and blue flowers in one of the raised flower beds for our annual July 4th BBQ and these worked perfectly!

I’ve learned not  to over water them, not to fertilize unless the soil is really depleted  and to keep them deadheaded daily.  If too many flowers are left to die and dry the plant thinks it’s time to shut things down! This blend was perfect for me since I wanted red, white and blue but they come in various shades of light pink too!

No scent, but a fresh, old fashioned look is their draw! Cut a big handful, strip leaves off the part of the stem that will be in water and you have an instant bouquet.  They are just plain, simple, old fashioned fun! Start from seed sprinkled right where you want them to grow! Fall or Spring!  Try some!

Anyone else grow these old fashioned flowers? Any tips? Please share!