Beans...time to replant and other garden chores!

Beans...time to replant and other garden chores!

There’s still time to replant crops for one more harvest before fall…at least here in Northern California.  I just finished picking purple and green beans planted in May so it’s time to turn the soil and begin again!

While I got lazy and just seeded long rows last time, this time I used my “garden ruler” to mark out 12″ squares to plant using the square foot method:


Green beans seeds can be placed nine to a square foot! I wanted to plant green onions again as well but I like the look of long lines of onions (and I’m too lazy to use tweezers to place the tiny seeds) so I seeded one long row beside my 3 squares of beans.  Now, if the beans don’t overshadow them, they should be good companions.




Since I work every day but Monday I took time today to do a few other garden chores:

It’s a good idea to trim zucchini leaves that overtake your walkways so you don’t trip and break your neck:




Check the zucchini plants, even if you picked two days ago, so you don’t end up with huge but tough squash!


And check plants that may be overshadowed by others…found these lovely radishes in among the Swiss chard…(where I planted them to keep them cool since they don’t like it too hot…and then  forgot them!)

IMG_0028Easter Egg Radish

And, last but not least, one more coat of paint on the chicken coop door…will this thing ever be done…I want my girls!                      Have a happy garden week!


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