Chicken Treat /Wild Bird feeder

Chicken Treat /Wild Bird feeder

Watching the birds hang upside down on our big sunflower heads, working so hard to get at the seeds, made me wonder if chickens might like the sunflowers.  A little research showed me that they love them and they’re good for them! Tossing sunflowers heads into the pen didn’t make it easy for the girls to get at the seeds so I worked out a way to hold the stems upright so they can get to the food!

First I gathered a clay pot and a small piece of chicken wire. The chicken wire bent and folded to fit into the pot makes a perfect holder for the stems:IMG_0172 IMG_0173

Holding the stems upright makes them much easier to munch:IMG_0176

The girls were a little hesitant at first, like they are with anything new I put in the run. But, after a few minutes they started to check it out: IMG_0213 IMG_0205

Lucy was the first to check it out followed by Lily (Lacy is still the shy one…not sure when she got her courage up…I only waited a few minutes):IMG_0689 IMG_0688

While sunflower seeds are fine for treats, shell and all, they should not replace layer feed. I give a little handful once a week or so or put a few small flowers heads in the holder for them to share and they love it. Sunflowers seeds are second only to meal worms or maybe watermelon on their top treat list! Try growing some small sunflowers (like Solar Flash) and after you enjoy the flowers you’ll have a great use for the faded head full of seeds!

What treats do your girls enjoy? Please share!