Christmas Napkins!

Christmas Napkins!


During winter when not much is going on in the garden many of my friends turn to indoor activities like sewing or knitting. This little project makes a nice gift or works well on your own table as well!

To make 8 napkins purchase one yard each of two coordinating fabrics.
Cut out 8 half circles wide enough to fit across your lap. My husband made patterns of paper for me but we eyeballed the size we wanted and they came out 17″ across the top allowing a 1/2″ seam allowance all around. Sew two half circles together, right sides together, leaving a small space to turn them inside out. Press well and hand stictch the opening!IMG_4366

You can fold them into “trees”…it’s a little confusing…we goggled “Christmas Tree napkins”:IMG_4364

They can be placed on the plates:IMG_4367

Or, beside the plates:IMG_4376adj

Or, folded accordion style they look lovely in a glass:IMG_4375

No matter how you fold them they make a colorful addition to your Christmas table or a great gift!  Enjoy!