Cool Containers for Your Garden Flowers!

Cool Containers for Your Garden Flowers!

Northern California usually has awesome weather in June, but last week we were dying with the high temps and today it’s raining! Can’t really work in the garden so I decided to go make the rounds of my favorite thrift  stores and pick up a few new containers to use for bouquets.  I already have a few I “thrifted” from my grandmother’s house. This little guy is my favorite!


Old medicine bottles are good sized containers for short to medium blooms:

IMG_8935web adj

This tiny vase is sweet for a spot of color:

IMG_8934 webadj

Mason jars are always useful:


You can always purchase special vases like this “place card” vase:


So, on to what I picked up today!

Taking flowers to work is always fun. Be on the lookout for vases that will fit in your car’s  cup holder – it will be way easier to transport flowers without spilling all over the car! This cut glass vase was only $4.50 and it’s beautiful and it fits in the car!


Next I found a tiny candle holder with little birds on it ($.50)..

IMG_9094 IMG_9096

I loved the birds so I put some water on top of the candle and zapped it in the microwave for 10 seconds. It softened the candle enough that I could cut it up and take it out! Add a few yellow Peruvian Lilies and you have a quick, cute arrangement!

This blue and yellow pitcher ($1.50) just cried out for some fresh white daisies! I have a collection of old floral  “frogs” so I pulled one out to help the daisies stand up straight and tall!

IMG_9081 IMG_9083 IMG_9086

This  baby shoe was a whopping $.50 and with a little ribbon and a  bunch of statice it will make a nice baby shower gift! As an added bonus the  statice will dry and stay just like this!IMG_9090 IMG_9091

And finally I came across this lovely English china pitcher ($4.50- just found it on Ebay for $15.00…score!)…I just knew the pink flower on it would match my Hydrangeas. To make the heavy hydrangea blossoms stand up in a vase you may want to use a twist tie before putting them in the water…works well!IMG_9072


It was cloudy and drizzling as I made these arrangements so the water drops are real! I decided to line them up on my kitchen windowsill to bring a little sunshine inside!


There you have it…take a little time to “thrift” some containers…pick a few flowers, and you have instant gifts or arrangements to take to work! Flowers you grow and give away are enjoyed twice!