Crate and Bloom .....Check this Out!

Crate and Bloom .....Check this Out!

There’s a new service in town, called Crate and Bloom,  that makes it easy for you  to have beautiful plants delivered to anyone you’d like, on a monthly basis. You can help a new gardener to bloom or just brighten a loved ones day!  If my grandmother was still  alive I would definitely send her these beautiful plants  every month! They are perfect for gardeners and non gardeners alike, home or apartment…anyone who loves growing things that are fresh and beautiful would be thrilled! Here’s a little preview of the November selection I just received. (Disclaimer: Crate and Bloom sent these to me to try their service…those of you who know me know my opinions are definitely my own!)

First up,  a gorgeous potted chrysanthemum, perfect for the front porch!

IMG_3949 adj

Different from a floral delivery, Crate and Bloom delivers fresh plants ready to enjoy and then plant in the garden later if you wish, complete with needed plant info! The plants are selected and delivered direct to your door by Crate and Bloom drivers and they are selected to be appropriate for the season. While this lovely Chrysanthemum went on the front porch, the back porch now holds a wonderful herb planter, ready to use in our holiday cooking!IMG_3952adj

I’ll enjoy them in the pot for a while and then plant them out in the garden as they need more room. I just love the combination…check out that gorgeous golden sage…!

And, last but not least, I received a beautiful hanging planter full of blooming pansies. The perfect winter  flower, they’ll still be blooming in spring! And, when they finish I’ll have the lovely container to refill with another favorite plant!IMG_3954adj So, I received three gorgeous, healthy plants, all of which can be planted out in my garden, three reusable containers and the extreme joy of receiving such a lovely surprise on my porch! The cost for this shipment would be about $75.00, the mum and herbs alone would be  about $50.00 and for $99.00 another mum would be included. And, unlike a bouquet, they’ll live on and on in the garden!

For more information and to find out how to send a garden surprise to someone special go to: