Fall in the Garden

Fall in the Garden

Someone asked me recently, “so, is anything going on in your garden in the Fall?”. Well, I took a walk outside in the backyard this morning, camera in hand, to find out. And, I remembered why I love fall:

The Second fig crop is coming on…IMG_2628

Flowers are still blooming including Roses, Alstromerias, Forget-me- nots and Dahlias:IMG_2640 IMG_2624 IMG_2626 IMG_2597

Pesto is still possible:IMG_2646 IMG_2298

Zucchini, though slowly being covered in mildew are still producing:IMG_2592 IMG_2629

Herbs are in great shape:IMG_2636

Peas and radishes are working on a second crop:IMG_2635IMG_2621

Beans are just putting out the last few little green wonders:IMG_2637

The porch plants are still looking good including azaleas beginning to bloom and one crazy hydrangea putting out three new blossoms:IMG_2644

The freesias planted last spring are starting to pop up ( soon to be joined by the 80 new freesia bulbs I bought!:IMG_2634

Succulents inside and out are happy:IMG_2648 IMG_2643 IMG_2618

The girls are warm and cozy in their coop… checking out what’s going on in the garden:IMG_2638

The Golden Delicious is done producing but gave us lots of applesauce:IMG_2330

Which we shared with the girls…sort of….IMG_2333

Trying to extend things a little longer I set our new greenhouse right on top of one of the raised beds so the Roma and Yellow Pear tomato could continue to grow inside and hung a nice little Tom Thumb cherry tomato plant to see how long it will produce:IMG_2623IMG_1792 IMG_1793 IMG_1809 IMG_1825 IMG_1826

There’s one more reason I love Fall.  Trader Joes has all their pumpkin products for sale!

I love their pumpkin coffee, pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin butter…Yum!IMG_2661

Fall is also a good time to be working in the garden cleaning up, adding compost and planting shrubs, trees, perennials and bulbs.  It’s garlic time too! Today, after this great breakfast I’m ready to divide one garlic bulb from last year’s crop and replant each individual clove to have lots more to harvest next July!

You can find a complete garlic growing guide here on the Organic Gardening Magazine site.  Enjoy Fall Ya’ll!