Freesias....Fragrant and Beautiful!

Freesias....Fragrant and Beautiful!

My absolutely favorite spring flower is the freesia.  The tiny bulb is so easy to plant in the fall and gives such a colorful and fragrant display in spring.  The wonderful spicy, floral scent permeates the whole garden and the clear crisp colors brighten the dullest day!IMG_6743adj

Freesias do well in the ground or in containers. In pots use any good potting mix and in the ground prepare the soil with compost the way you would to plant the rest of your garden. They need full fun and good drainage. Plant the bulbs 2″ deep and 3″ apart. Its so easy my 2 year old granddaughter helped me plant another 50 last weekend! We already have 100 scattered around the yard but more is better with these little beauties!IMG_3733 IMG_6747adj

I’ve been buying freesias every fall at Costco for years but this year I discovered and found out I can buy and plant them in the spring as well! I just purchased 25 blue and 25 pink double freesias bulbs and I can’t wait to see them bloom.  While the freesias usually finish mid/late April in my garden, this year I’ll get to enjoy them longer!IMG_7620

The clumps grow larger each year you leave them in the ground….they are the gift that keeps on giving! So, if you garden in containers, raised beds or the in the ground and love a cheery flower with an absolutely amazing scent….get some freesias in the ground now for a real treat! For beautiful healthy bulbs and great planting guides about Freesias and many other bulbs check out IMG_7684crop IMG_7605 IMG_6746adj IMG_6744adj

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