Fresh Veggie Scramble

Fresh Veggie Scramble


I brought in a bunch of fresh veggies this morning. What to do with them? Saute everything in a little butter or olive oil, add a dollop of cream cheese, 2 eggs and you have a great breakfast….similar to the Sunday Scramble previously posted but totally different veggies=totally different flavor!

IMG_9811 July 5th Vegs

First wash and chop veggies, then saute in a little butter or Olive oil:


Add some eggs & cream cheese and you have a tasty breakfast or lunch!

IMG_9814 IMG_9815


IMG_9818Fresh Veggie Scramble

Saute for 3-4 mins over med. heat:

2 large Swiss chard leaves. chopped
3 Beet leaves, chopped ( beets are great but the leaves were an added surprise…delicious! ) chopped
1 small zucchini, cut into small pieces
2 green onions, sliced
4 green beans, I used my purple beans..slice them very thin into little rounds
3 small carrots, sliced thin
dash of  onion powder and garlic powder ( no salt since we’re adding cream cheese)
Saute for 4-5 mins.

Whip 2 eggs together with a fork and toss in.
After they eggs are almost set add:
1 dollop of whipped cream cheese with chives, stir in and serve!
This is a great way to use veggies fresh from the garden. Can’t wait until the chicken coop is done and I can gather fresh eggs!