Garden Book for Kids! GROW!

Garden Book for Kids! GROW!

I love to discover new gardening books for children! After finding “Grow” online I requested a copy to share and I’m so glad I did! The best way to test a new kid’s book is to use it with a kid so off to the garden I went with  my 4 year old granddaughter Emma.

We went through the book page by page and then worked on a few of the things we learned.

We learned it’s important to know your tools and to take care of them:

We learned the difference between a root vegetable and a leaf vegetable:

We learned to plant bean seeds in a pot to plant out later:

We played the fun game included on a pull-out page:

And she had fun with the included stickers!

This book is made on wonderful heavy paper and has a hard cover so little hands can use it without fear of tearing the pages. It may be best for, say, 8 and above, but our 4 year old loved it! Each page explains different aspects of gardening and the drawings are beautiful. I keep it on the coffee table it’s so pretty!

To order:

I’m pretty excited to discover Roost Books…they have many other fun titles!  Enjoy!