Garden Logs...Keeping track of your garden's progress (Free Download)

Garden Logs...Keeping track of your garden's progress (Free Download)

CaptureThe best way to improve your garden is to record what happens year after year.  I have records dating back years which help me when selecting plants for certain spots in the yard and remind me which plants I tried before that maybe didn’t work out as well.

I like having records that show the hydrangeas around the deck went in in 1999, and the apple tree is a Golden Delicious and was planted in 1988 (actually we planted two and took one out in 2002-I’d forgotten that but it’s in the record!)

By keeping good records you can determine the best time to plant tomatoes (before April 15th in my garden never works unless I cover them), determine which flowers bloom the longest and which to plant for bloom during a 4th of July party! Which plant food works the best? How long have you had that old lawn mower? A garden log will help you keep track of all kinds of garden info!  To help you with keeping a log you can click the  link below to download a free, printable, Garden Log and Garden Record.I use the Garden Record to record permanent plantings and equipment purchases, while the Garden Log is used to record seeds and plants set out in the garden.

I hope you’ll enjoy using these logs to keep track of what happens in your garden! Click here to download:Garden_Log    A Garden Record

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