Garden Musings...

Garden Musings...

Very early every morning I sit in the same spot, coffee and Bible in hand, as I  read and contemplate life. I see an ever changing picture through my dining room window as the seasons and weather change the view.

This morning I noticed the stark difference between the three plants visible from my study spot on the couch. The mini climbing rose…done with it’s magnificent bloom for the season.  Not gone, not done forever, but over the flush of youthful flowers, bright colors and daily new blossoms. As I’m about to turn 65 I can relate to it’s aging state of affairs.

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The apple tree, on the other hand, reminds me of my little granddaughters. Bright with the promise of things to come.  New shiny green leaves, tiny apples just beginning to grow and come into their own. Soon it will produce a plethora of wonderful treats and surprises.

Lightroom adj Musings-3474Then there is the Photinia. A common plant -ordinary with  not a lot to recommend it at first glance. But, as I look at it more closely,  there is a mixture of soft green leaves and vibrant red leaves. There is a grape vine trying to choke it out but it hangs on doing it’s daily duty of shading my chicken coop and keeps the girls cool. It’s a steady workhorse…not flashy or new, not screaming for attention, but plodding on day after day in it’s God given ordinary form. Some people are like that…and they are to be cherished.

Lightroom adj Musings-3475As I turned to look out the front window at our patio garden I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of the Clematis as it trailed and wandered over the fence. Flashy and beautiful but short lived in all it’s glory leaving behind just a plain green vine…makes one think about not leaning too heavily on looks that will fade with time….


Hydrangeas are made up of hundreds of tiny parts that come together to form one huge and beautiful flower….like people and families if we work and pull together.


Then, by the grace of God, each individual has the chance of being outstanding by being exactly what they were meant to be….