Gardening in a Rented Space....

Gardening in a Rented Space....

You don’t need to own a home with a huge yard to grow your own food and flowers! I rented apartments for years and always had the stairway to our unit lined with pots full of blooming plants and a few wine barrels filled with flowers along the driveway. The neighbors shared in the bounty and no one minded my obsession.

My daughter, with her husband and two tiny daughters, lives in a rented, 106 year old  home,  in an  historic neighborhood with a large yard but no landscaping at all. What she’s doing with it shows you can grown your own food no matter where you live.

A big Pinterest fan , she found some great ideas online and, unlike most of us, she actually went out and built what she saw! I’m so happy she loves gardening and is teaching her daughters to “grow their own”!

Her vegetables grow in a concrete block garden set in a sunny location in the back of the property:IMG_8897 IMG_8900 IMG_8904

Some kitchen pots from IKEA make a nice hanging succulent garden:IMG_8909

Cutting the bottom pieces off a tomato cage makes a nice holder for a potted hydrangea:IMG_8912

When they moved in, a very old wine barrel was half buried under the back steps. She hauled it out, filled it with dirt and we added a hosta and some impatiens to brighten a shady corner!IMG_8894

An old ladder found in the garage makes a nice display with a few pots…plants coming next!IMG_8914

As much as I love what she’s done with plants, I really love the fire pit they made from a photo on Pinterest…they make really great S’mores around this campfire!IMG_8896

While you probably don’t want to put precious plants into the ground in a rented home or to spend tons of money on permanent fixtures you can’t take with you when you move, clearly there are some good ideas out there to spruce things up and make your garden enjoyable on a budget!

Have you found any good ideas for gardening in a rented space? Please share!