How to Peel a Tomato...the Old Fashioned Way

How to Peel a Tomato...the Old Fashioned Way

When I was a girl, spending summers with my grandparents, my grandfather and I would frequently  take drives out into the country and stop at the fruit stands. In the central valley of California fruit stands are amazing places. The tomatoes are deep red and the size of a salad plate! We’d always bring home a huge bag of big red beauties!

While I love tomatoes, I don’t like them with the skin on. But, who wants to waste any of the yummy goodness by carving them up when trying to peel them! Grandpa to the Rescue. One of my fondest memories is standing at the old Wedgewood stove, “toasting” our tomatoes! My grandfather was a quiet man but when he spoke he always had something to teach. And now, I can share it with you: the absolute best way to peel a tomato without wasting one bit of the great tasting flesh!

Step One:

Stick a fork in the stem end. Turn on a gas range to a medium flame and toast your tomato like a marshmallow! IMG_1243

Step Two: Turn your tomato BUT, only after you here a little Pop and Swoosh! That’s the sound they make when the juices inside get hot enough to pop the skin open! See:IMG_1244 IMG_1245

Step Three: Keep turning from side to side and bottom until you have a perfectly peeled tomato! IMG_1246 IMG_1247 IMG_1248 IMG_1249Beautiful right?

Now just cut in chunks and maybe add a little dressing for a tasty summertime treat!IMG_1252One note: Your tomato has to be nice and ripe for this to work well…This one is a “Big Boy” tomato from our garden. Do you have a special tip or kitchen trick to share? Please do!

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