Lady Bugs and Little Girls...

Lady Bugs and Little Girls...

After visiting my friend’s nursery and watching her release ladybugs, I immediately wanted to get some to release in our yard with our little granddaughter. Off I went to Kings Nursery where I purchased a little container filled with 1,500 of the little critters!

Building excitement, I told Hannah all day how we were going to release the little ladybugs in the evening when it was cool and they could settle in for the night. She liked watering the  bush were we would release them to provide moisture for the little guys.IMG_7627

She was curious, but a little cautious, when we opened the box. “Yuck” was her first reaction! A reaction followed by a jump backwards, away from the box full of crawling things and a “wow” when they billowed out all over our rose bush.

IMG_7632 IMG_7642 IMG_7636 IMG_7638After a closer look she sighed and said, “Grandma, they’re cute!” and I knew we’d made a happy memory.IMG_7640

Well, happy until the next morning when I ran out to check and they were all gone. I hope they flew over the fence and they’ll be back to eat the aphids I brought them home to eat! Fortunately, Hannah wasn’t there to share the disappointment and kids that age have a short memory! It was fun, but I’m not sure I’d do it again….it’s hard to watch money fly away right before your eyes…but then  the wonder in a child’s eyes is worth any price!