Nasturtiums are such a common garden flower I almost didn’t consider adding any to my garden! But, I read somewhere that chickens like to snack on the flowers….and well, you all know how I feel about the girls! That and the fact that they are wonderful to garnish summer tomato dishes and salads made me do a little research to see what new kinds might be available since I sold flowers seeds as a kid!

After checking out seed catalogs and online seed sellers I decided on “Little Firebirds” from Renee’s Garden. “Coral, pumpkin & burgundy flowers float above variegated foliage. Perfect in beds or baskets” it said on the package…what’s not to love! And, they lived up to the description both last year and this year!


I love the variegated foliage almost as much as the flowers! But the color of the flowers is a great selling point!

IMG_3263 IMG_3264IMG_3262

They are easy to plant, pop up quickly and though a few plants self sowed around a barrel I had them in they were not at all invasive.


I had my little grands help me sow them since the seeds are large and easy to handle.  I tried to teach them how to snip the tip and suck out the sweet “honey” the way I did as a child. One gave it a try but the other….well, lets just say she’s more cautious!



IMG_3372 IMG_3370

In a basket, in beds, in a barrel or just out in the garden these are really nice and I’d recommend giving them a try! My chicken coop is much cuter with these cheery flowers out in front!