Rose Time Garden Party

Rose Time Garden Party

It’s that time again! Rose season…when roses spring forth and add color and scent to the garden.

Each year two Jeanne LaJoie miniature climbers, planted in 1999,  climb up our deck top and turn the whole deck into a literal rose cave!

Never pruned, they sprawl wherever we  tie the long canes. Where we can’t tie them, I hold them up with hanging pot hooks! It works great!

The best part of having a lovely rose display is sharing it with friends! We had our third annual Garden Party for co-workers on May 1st when everything was at peak bloom.


It’s a great time to have granddaughters dress up, help serve and practice their company manners!

Along with Jeanne LaJoie I love Iceberg  roses and grow 10 bushes so we have enough for cutting big bouquets. They bloom a long time, don’t shatter easily and have a sweet soft scent. They are just the best!

Do you have a favorite plant that blooms in your garden? Plan a party around it and invite your friends to enjoy the garden with you!