Succulent Gardens - The Place to Buy Succulents...and Get Great Ideas!

Succulent Gardens - The Place to Buy Succulents...and Get Great Ideas!

IMG_2191adjThis weekend we drove to Carmel and had a wonderful time, but the highlight for me was along the way in Castroville! I’d read about Succulent Gardens, The Growing Grounds, a nursery that specializes in all kinds of succulents, so we made a side trip and I’m  so glad we did! (Even John loved it…an architect, he likes the “clean lines” inherent in succulent plants!)

Located on Elkhorn Road, it’s a little out of the way and upon arrival we couldn’t find a sign so we were hesitant to go in. However, not being known for shyness, I forged ahead and asked some people working around the outside if we were in the right place. Just a head’s up- it’s the first driveway…not the second driveway. If I’d done that right I’d have seen the entrance and not wandered around like a ….well you get the idea!

Wow…what a wonderland of succulents inside that huge greenhouse! From “Living Stones” to “Baby Toes” and “String of Hearts” to “Burros Tail”, (some of my favorites), we saw more amazing plants than I have ever seen in one place! (And that’s after having been with the Garden Writers of America and touring San Diego on a succulent tour years ago…we’re talking a ton of plants!)

The huge succulent globe rotating by the parking lot is a pretty impressive sight:IMG_2275adj


IMG_2190adjThen, stepping inside, we found pots galore, neat rows of succulents laid out on benches in a greenhouse with wonderful light for photos, along with wooden letters, birdhouses and wreaths ready to plant…I could go on and on but I think I’ll just show you what I was so excited about!IMG_2204adj

IMG_2193adj IMG_2194adj IMG_2196adj IMG_2197adj IMG_2198adj IMG_2199adj IMG_2235adj IMG_2234adjImpressed? If you can’t find what you want  by walking around in a happy daze, just ask for Angie! She can point out anything they have and take you right to it! She made the trip even more fun with her friendly willingness to help and her knowledgeable recommendations.


I loved a square clay planter I found in their huge pot selection and picked out some favorites to plant, including a colorful sedum called “Pork & Beans”. (A friendly customer  told me I should never grow it near my chickens though, since they love to eat them – have you ever noticed how delightfully friendly gardeners are – I love it!)IMG_2243adj IMG_2242adj IMG_2239adj IMG_2203adj IMG_2255adj

Well, I think you get the idea that this is a great nursery and worth a visit!  It’s worth the drive just for the myriad ideas you’ll get for using your favorite plants..  They have a special event called the Succulent Extravaganza coming up on September 27 & 28, 2013. Check out their website under “events” for information:

I’ll leave you with a little more inspiration….I have to go out now and start work on my little succulent planter! Enjoy!IMG_2256adj IMG_2261adj IMG_2258adj IMG_2249adj IMG_2251adj IMG_2247adj IMG_2248adj IMG_2240adj IMG_2233adj IMG_2237adj IMG_2231adj IMG_2224adj IMG_2222adj IMG_2220adj IMG_2216adj IMG_2213adj IMG_2209adj IMG_2208adj IMG_2206adj IMG_2200adj

By the way, if you’re wishing you could identify these beauties and wanting to learn more about succulents in general….do what I did and get a copy of Debra Lee Baldwin’s book, Succulents Simplified!



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