Succulent Nursery...Lone Pine in Sebastopol!

Succulent Nursery...Lone Pine in Sebastopol!

IMG_3941How did I miss the fact that there is a great succulent nursery right here in Sonoma County! Lone Pine Nursery in Sebastopol has a nice variety of succulents and containers to plant them in, along with cacti and bonsai. And, it’s a nice trip out into the countryside!

As you arrive you’ll walk along a wooded path and round the corner to the first greenhouse, my favorite since it’s filled with beautiful succulent plants.IMG_3942


The owner has been growing the nursery on this property since the 1970’s and is a wealth of information! From the first greenhouse, we walked to the end of the property and back, past a great selection of pots and plants. Enjoy a short tour:IMG_3938 IMG_3936 IMG_3933 IMG_3930 IMG_3929 IMG_3928 IMG_3926 IMG_3925 IMG_3921 IMG_3920 IMG_3919 IMG_3917

I asked whether the succulents I purchased could live on our deck during the winter and found that we have many micro-climates in our county and a plant that survives in one spot may not work well in another.  However, the most important winter tip was to protect your potted plants from the rain since heavy water is never a good idea for succulents! Out on a deck that has some cover available is good though and that’s exactly what we’re working on this month before things get really cold! For more information on Lone Pine Nursery, including the hours they are open to the public go to