Sunflower Bouquets!

Sunflower Bouquets!

IMG_9892adjcroptextI’ve had sunflowers in every garden I’ve ever grown.  While I loved their bright sunny faces, there were a few things I didn’t like. I didn’t like those that were 9 feet tall and produced one huge flower that was great for seeds but fell over in every  vase I tried. Then there were those that fit in a vase, looked good in a vase, but shed pollen all over the place. Can’t say I was too crazy about those either. Why, I kept thinking, couldn’t someone breed a sunflower that was perfect for cutting.  The right size flower (about 6 inches across), on the right size plant (about 3-4 feet tall) produced abundant blossoms and didn’t shed pollen all over the place in a vase.  Every year I bought whatever I could find to try, but this year I came up with a WINNER!

In March I ordered a packet of “Solar Flash” sunflowers from Burpee Seeds. I started them in small pots under grow lights to get a jump on the season and transplanted two of them at the sides of my 2 foot by 5 foot raised bed. They are gorgeous in a vase: IMG_9545cropadj

Gorgeous in the garden:IMG_9843 IMG_9839

And gorgeous up close and personal!IMG_9882 IMG_9880 IMG_9875 IMG_9865 IMG_9842 IMG_9837

My plants are about 36″ to 40″ tall. They each have 20 blossoms and more buds to come. The cut flowers are lasting at least five day in the vase and they don’t shed pollen! I LOVE these sunflowers.  Now, I know there are other dwarf sunflowers and some are probably just as good but these have won me over! So, if you’re looking for a sunflower you can love in the garden and indoors in a vase you might want to give Solar Flash a try!IMG_9855

Do you have a favorite…large or small….please share!

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