Toy Truck Succulent Garden

Toy Truck Succulent Garden

I have an awesome boy for a neighbor. And he has an awesome grandma.  He often comes to help us in the yard…just because he likes to help! Today I asked him if I could hire him this time because I hurt my back and I simply couldn’t pick up all the fallen apples in my garden.  He didn’t miss one as he worked quickly and efficiently.  When I asked how come he knows how to work so well, and knows so much about gardens, he told me his Grandma has a garden and he learned to pick up apples and work in the garden at her house!

As he worked he told me about other things he learned in his grandma’s garden.  He told me about how she made a garden out of an old toy truck.  I told him his grandma is a woman after my own heart and that sounded like a wonderful idea.  Once all the apples were picked up my buddy took off…..but he returned in a few moments …

He brought a cool Tonka Truck with him.  “I don’t use it anymore”, he said, ” and it would make a good garden, don’t you think?” So, we made a garden! I highly recommend looking around for unused toys as my buddy suggested and planting a few today!  I had a very smart third grader to think of it for me but I’m sure you can figure out something on your own! See what you can do:







Isn’t that great! Kind of shows you what a gardening grandma can teach a child….and how a gardening boy can then teach another grandma how to do something very cool! Thanks Aiden…’re the best!