Visit a Nursery - Get Inspired! Harmony Farm Supply has it all!

Visit a Nursery - Get Inspired! Harmony Farm Supply has it all!

We are so lucky here in Northern California! The weather is mild and comfortable and we can grow nearly anything. Not only do we plant gardens in the spring but now, as fall approaches,is a good time to plant as well. Perennials and shrubs planted in fall have more time to develop a good root system before spring and then there are the cool season vegetables that can go in during the next month. And, I just love walking through our beautiful nurseries this time of year!

Wanting to set out lettuce plants for my fall garden I decided to make the trip out to Sebastopol to see if something a little different might be available at one of my favorite nurseries, Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery. Wow! Choices galore! As you drive up the garden out front is full of flowers and vegetables:IMG_0895

IMG_0891 IMG_0893

Inside I found so many wonderful ideas and a huge array of vegetables, flowers and all kinds of garden plants.I was looking for a different kind of lettuce.They had lots of choices…I went for one that would give me a variety of  lettuce …a salad bowl in a six pack!

IMG_0897All the plants are  grouped and easy to locate. I walked through the whole nursery, as I do every time I go there, just because there is always some new to see. IMG_0896

Veggies in one spot and flowers in another…IMG_0901

Lots of succulents…some even available in six pack.. never seen that before…IMG_0904

A primrose with a stunning blossom…IMG_0900

And all kinds of ideas for interesting plantings..IMG_0902




And pots, all kinds of wonderful pots!IMG_0908


They even had garden canvas art displayed in a greenhouse and around the nursery:IMG_0905

IMG_0910I  found glazed saucers big enough to set on an upside down pot to make a birdbath or bird feeder. I love making bird baths that way!

As summer rolls to an end, the fall gardening season is just beginning. So, wherever you live, treat yourself and walk through a beautiful nursery to see what’s new and ready to add to your garden! I saw some bags of organic compost that I need to go back and get and then there were some perfect lavender plants, and some hostas I could put under my Japanese maple……