Zinnias...the Perfect Summer Flower

Zinnias...the Perfect Summer Flower

IMG_0117zowie newZinnias are “perfect”  to me because of the perfectly symmetrical way they grow.  Their rows of crisp, even petals are extremely pleasing. They come in so many colors and bicolors, have a lovely green leaf and no scent to cause allergies.  But, they had one drawback in my garden…they always got mildew.  This year I tried a new variety though and it’s gorgeous and mildew free.IMG_0110Zowie Zinnia

I purchased three 4″ pots of “Zowie Yellow Flame” zinnias at Harmony Farm and Garden. The plants are beautiful and settling right into the garden with no bugs and no diseases present (for now…we all know that can change!) They are doing well in a raised bed, on a drip line (cut back  as much as possible due to the drought), with regular dead heading to keep the blooms coming.IMG_0116Zowie bed

My plants are about 30″ tall with mature flowers 3″ wide…perfect for the vase:

IMG_0241crop“Zowie” is available at nurseries but you can also purchase seeds for next year at Park Seed. There’s a good description and ordering info from them here: http://parkseed.com/zowie-yellow-flame-zinnia-seeds/p/02140-PK-P1/

Do try some next year….you’ll love them!IMG_9861 IMG_0119adj